Thursday, 22 December 2016


A while back I stumbled across a TedTalk on youtube which caused me to become completely obsessed with mushrooms.  The video in question is below and features mycologist (that's a fungi expert) Paul Stamets, who I sorta wish was my uncle, raving about the benefits of fungi (I like the way he says fungi, and that he has a hat made out of a mushroom!)

There's loads of videos of him on YouTube explaining that mushrooms rule the world (including one where he explains a theory that magic mushrooms are partly responsible for evolution because there's every chance a gorilla ate some, which may have grown out of cow poo which may have led to the gorilla having an awareness of itself and in turn a consciousness - hence why perhaps some religions consider cows sacred?).

I love mushrooms!

Last year I cut down a birch tree in my little garden but left a stump because I wanted to attempt to grow some Turkey Tail fungi (google them!).  So I bought some fungal spore dowels on Ebay but   Instead of Turkey Tail Fungi growing - which look like Turkey's tails (obvs!) - these sprouted...

I'm just thrilled to have a mushroom in the garden! (unless it's a bad mushroom) , but I have attempted to identify the mushroom (try - if you have a mushroom you want to identify - I don't suggest eating any though and absolve myself of any potential lawsuit).  I have devised that this fungi is probably 'Fammulina Velutipes', which you might be surprised to know, was the first mushroom exploring space (that we know of) and also you might be surprised to know that a cultivated (meaning refined and well educated) form of this mushroom is this Enoki that you can find in the supermarket

sidenote - I did not pay for this image - it is a free FREE, Free image.

This mushroom looks very clever.  Good cultivation!

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