Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Buckingham Palace

So this week I was invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace which was nice.  Very nice indeed.

We were invited through the palace and in to the gardens at the back of the palace.  Here is the back of Buckingham Palace as seen from the gardens.

We were then offered tea or chocolate coffee (gorge!) and lots of lovely canapes and cakes before being allowed to wander the gardens freely with the other guests - which was hilarious because the other guests included...

Cilla Black (amazing!)

Rolf Harris (seen here with Marawa The Amazing)

Esther Rantzen

(I felt weird asking for pictures with the celebs so I just got out my camera phone from a distance)...

And.....Debbie McGee (?) (not sure where Paul Daniels was...)

You might not recognise these celebrities but I assure you they are all icons of British stage and screen (even Rolf who is Australian).

So we wandered the gardens which one man described as 'camp' - evidenced here by this giant faux grecian urn..

And this bonkers pergola thing...

There is however a lovely lake in the middle of the palace gardens...

Not sure about strange Vulture Sculpture...

Or the plastic Herons...

But other than that there were some nice rose gardens and Marawa got to meet a beefeater...

After we perused the gardens The Princess Royal showed up to say cooey.

Anne is actually my new favourite Princess.  When she was 24 she was almost kidnapped, and despite the kidnapper having just shot her chauffeur, a policeman and a journalist - when the kidnapper came for Anne she responded 'not bloody likely' and dived out the limo to escape.

Here she is looking fabulous at the garden party (she was wearing a rather nice fascinator too, which you can't see)

I would have liked to have gone as Princess Diana but I'm not sure it would've been appropriate...

Fabulous.  I can't wait to return.

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