Sunday, 12 June 2011

Timberlina drops in...

Please let me introduce Timberlina.  Timberlina is a fellow glamorous gardener and performer who I've asked to guest blog as s/he lives in an idyllic village called Rye with husband Mr Timberlina.  S/he loves to grow things.  I thought it might be nice for you to hear what she's up to as it will be in stark contrast to my bitching about city-gardening life.  Here s/he is.

Hi Russella! I thought i would drop in with an update from the countryside- earlier on I was able to spen a good couple of hours in the Garden at Rye before the heavens opened! I was very struck by your last post suggesting now is the time to plant salad.

Well funnily enough that's exactly what I was doing today as well as:
Remove a dead frog from a water butt
Remove a 12 Lovage-roots 'n' all to make way for more salad
Plant up some parsnips and beetroots
Bring the laundry in.

I don't know about you but here in Sussex we're on drought watch here. While it's been nice having summer weather in Spring, it's raised havoc with the veg planting and everything in general just doesn't know what to do with itself. The dryness has made lettuces and spinach bolt... Now Russella you'll just have to bear with me because Mr Timberlina is threatening to take me to pub for a local Perry and some Cheesey Moments and i've just realized that I can't upload pics to your blog from my I-phone... So in the meantime I will leave you with a link to my environmentalist and vegetable gardening Tumblr blog And oh the irony Russella- ever since I posted a thing about cultivating grey water it's been posing it down, so there's no choice but to go ant
Get tipsy and then come home and watch Burlesque featuring Cher and Christina... LATERS!

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