Thursday, 16 June 2011

Timberlina dropping in 16 June..

Dear Russella,

I've just made some flapjack- it's just out the oven so I'm going to have to go and slip it off the tray in a minute.  I think it could be the best flapjack yet!  I used oat meal mixed with oats and they look like cookies so I feel very Martha Stewart...
... in fact I think she has used my flapjack in the layer cake you see on the front of her book!  Anyway Russella, I have spent the last couple of days tidying a couple of gardens in Rye, where I live.  I've been so happy scraping away, tugging out the weeds and carefully keeping nice the Lavenders, Snow in Summers, Thymes and wild Strawberries that creep across the flower beds.  Today I found a giant fuse, and ancient tuppence and an antique bottle top... which will all go towards a very attractive and fabulous new trinket bracelet.

The weather has behaved admirably and I have a beautiful crescent sunburn where as it turns out the sun does shine!

I can inform you that the flapjack is a resounding success!  Nice and chewy, the linseed providing a necessary crunch and the rub in of sea salt and ginger providing extra zing.

Not only have the last two days been a joy to have a good snoop around other people's gardens and houses, but I have been mostly using a paving weed scrape- here's one available at B&Q (or from you local non-chain supplier) for £3.98.  For some reason it won't let me upload the actual image of a paving weed scrape (they're basically like a small, hand held leaf rake), I also couldn't upload a picture of Hugh Grant who's my hero of the day speaking out against the paps, so here's a picture of a kitten.  If you can imagine the kitten as a hand held device (-say you hold the hind legs- the front providing the clawy 'rakes)' with which to scrape a patio, or cobbled surface, or even a lawn, it might look like this...
In short, hand held patio rakes and a sturdy knife (even an old one from the kitchen) are all you need to take it out on the undergrowth and weedle out those very frustrating dandelion roots... and at £3.98 from B&Q (or from your local non-chain supplier) they're a worthy addition for the city, or country gardener, providing hours of no-frills fun to expel any anxieties,  They are a boon!

Something else I've learned is that I'm very bad at knowing plant names and have decided that a trip to the local agriculture college might well be the way forward!  It's fine if it's foreign tourists asking questions about plants and techniques of which you know very little but appear miraculously through a good dollop of common sense, cos you can just nod and make things up.  Actually you can get away with the latter more often than not if you supply a handsome and resolute- and above all polite and authoritative disposition.  But I do wish I actually knew what I was doing.

Now, the veg patch on the other hand.  I'm thrilled to report that my Nasturtiums and Chrysanthemums are really kicking up a storm around my brassicas and carrots to keep the black fly et al at bay.  To which end the carrots are now flourishing (thanks the lord, earth mother, fate, whatever) for the rain.  With the exception of a very disappointing bean turn out (new ones propagating as we speak!), it's all coming along nicely.

And with that, after a long day on my knees followed by a bit of yoga to stretch the muscles, a hot bath with Radio 4, a cheese omelette accompanied by home grown salad (those bags of variety 'watch and grow' salad seeds are amazing!) a bottle of cider and a whole lot of procrastinating about learning lines for my show, I shall now retreat with a large plate of falpjack to the projector and watch series 1 of Modern Family... yet again!  It's my opium!

By the way my show, Timberlina Cares, is on at the RVT on Wednesday July 6th.  I hope you can come... Eek!

See you soon love!!

Ms Txx

PS here's a picture of me and Dolly Parton

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