Sunday, 19 June 2011

Shady Lady

As I have a West facing garden I mostly get afternoon and evening sun.  Because there is a wall on the south-side of my garden I have an are that is pretty much in shade all day.  I had attempted grow Lavender but as you can see here - it didn't really work .

I've now planted some plants that don't mind a bit of shade such as the Camellia -


This is a nice plant for shade as it actually flowers like a real flower (see below) and for some reason I always believed that plants for shade could only be things such as ferns...which I've also planted.

Camelia Flower


Oops sorry wrong Fern... (what is she doing though...??)


I also happened to have planted a Nasturtium seed which seems to be doing pretty well in the same area - I love Nasturtiums, they go mad and self seed everywhere - plus you can eat the flowers in salad and the leaves look like frogs would sit on them


Ages ago in the same area I also planted some Blackthorn plants because I wanted to make some Sloe Gin (see here).  These are doing pretty well though are still a bit young to have fruited.

Blackthorn plant

Also, my Geranium seems to be doing OK in it's hanging basket above, though I think that gets a little more light than down below...


I even don't mind the weeds in the shady area, I like to think of it as woodland.


I think it's all looking ok, and once the Camellia's flower and the Blackthorn grows some more it should look peachy :)

Shady Lady 


  1. Nasturtiums are great for combating nasty little aphids. I don't like them myself so I've planted some chives instead hoping they'll have the same effect! One day I want to have a garden with a camelia tree.

  2. i love the fern britton picture the best. She looks so much better in this picture and fern would look much better if she put her weight back on like in this hot picture.