Thursday, 2 June 2011

Regents Park

The Roses are in bloom in Regents Park, London - so it's time to visit if you're nearby.

The Rose garden in Regents park is part of Queen Mary's gardens - I think named after Mary of Teck (as is Queen Mary's Uni and Queen Mary's hospital).   I don't believe they are named after Queen Mary I - who was a mass murderer (I doubt it'd be very appropriate to name a Rose garden after a mass murderer).

This is London's best rose garden and the most fun can be had from guessing the names of the different types of roses.  I found two varieties named after me -

Lovely Lady

Simply The Best

There's some real stunners...

'Heart of Gold Rose'

I forgot the name of this one but it looks like the kind of rose you think of when you think of a rose...if you get my drift...

Juliets theory that 'A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet' is not true - This Rose below - 'The Velvet Fragrance'  smelled deeeeeelightful (as it's name suggests)

Whilst this one smelled of nothing -

and this one smelled of Pineapples...?

Don't you just love this song?

That song takes me back - makes me feel nostalgic.


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  1. What about Gardeners Question Time in de beauvoir on 7th June?