Saturday, 18 June 2011


I just wanted to have a quick little bitch about Jasmine.  I absolutely LOVE the smell of Jasmine and purrrrchased some a few years ago to go under my bedroom window so that when I opened it the fragrance would envelop my room.  Now in the first year it flowered and smelled delightful, but since then it has done little except take over my garden and choke my climbing rose.

Jasmine taking over the garden

Choked rose bush

This is now a total weed, I think it's hideous.  I realise this may be because the plant is called 'common' Jasmine.  You should never put anything common in your garden unless they're geraniums and even then you should have a more unique variety.

Now to anyone wanting the sweet smell of Jasmine I would suggest you don't buy this common variety and instead go for this one (warning - latin name for plant coming up)...trachelospermum 

The trachelospermum jasminoides is more of a bush like plant and has lovely pale green shiny leaves. It's easier to manage and as far as I've seen so far - flowers prolifically year after year.

Trachelospermum Jasminoides


We do not want to live like common people and do whatever common people do - like buy common Jasmine.

Common People

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