Sunday, 10 April 2011


I have an amazing tip. I'd bought some giant Sunflower seeds on eBay and they cost around £5 for 10 (they are a special giant variety). Normal Sunflower seeds in garden centres are usually a few quid for about 10.

I was in a pet shop considering buying a Goldfish when I came across this giant bag of Sunflower seeds - it's Parrott food apparently.


I figured that it's highly unlikely they'll actually grow as they cost me 95p for the giant bag. But I thought I'd give it a go anyway and look...!!!


I never need buy sunflower seeds again!


  1. Not that I often listen to it on purpose, but I heard on garderners question time that it's quite easy to grow pineapples and ginger from the seeds of the supermarket fruit and veg. Have you tried anything like this before?

  2. I have heard that mixed birdseed is also a gardeners delight, that is if you know your seeds.

  3. Hello Blood and Property.

    I would actively discourage youfrom shopping in a supermarket and would instead suggest shopping in your local greengrocers if you were to attempt to grow Pineapples or Ginger. Waitrose is ofcourse an exception to my rule.

    To attempt to grow a Pineapple cut the top off the pineapple and plant this in a pretty pot (have you seen how Pineapples grow? They look bonkers).
    I very much doubt that you will actually produce a Pineapple being that we live in the UK and the weather is akin to bouts of schitzophrenia. The task of growing a Pineapple would be best given to a small child so that s/he can learn to understand feelings of dissapointment in preparation for the rest of his/her life.

    As for Ginger, I have tried this and it has merely rotted.

    If you really want to continue on this quest, I believe you should perhaps start with a nice simple potato - as whenever I try to compost the all they end up doing is sprouting leaves out the top of my heap. Garlc is also an option, pop a clove in a pot and hope it turns in to a bulb of several cloves.

    You could also try an Onion, however, nature can be a bit odd. Quite often if you plant an Onion, what you will get is.....a slightly bigger Onion.

    I hope this helps.

  4. Dear A Heron's View.

    Once I did infact plant some bird seed in my fathers front garden. In a short period of time the seeds sprouted in to huge suspicious looking plants which then got uprooted and stolen in the night from my fathers garden. Much to my dismay.

    My father reliably informed me that what I had thrown in the ground were Hemp seeds, and the plants that had grown appeared to be giant Cannabis plants.

    I would avoid being robbed or arrested and stick to the Sunflower seeds.

  5. Thanks for that. I tried ginger a couple of times and it grew very tall then died suddenly. I think I might need some more preparation for life's disappointments.