Friday, 18 March 2011


Unfortunately I've been too furious to blog lately because Hackney Homes have decided to erect some scaffolding in my garden and leave it there as long as possible without sending anyone to fix whatever it is that requires scaffolding to fix.

My Mannequin is mad.

On a better note - my Rhubarb (which appears to be the only constant in my life) has returned again.

Every year I make Rhubarb crumble so this time I've tried something new. Mackerel with Rhubarb!

I found the recipe online but basically - I cut the Rhubarb in to chunks and roasted with a little water and some soft brown sugar.

Then I filleted a fresh Mackerel and coated the skin side with seasoned (salt and pepper) flour

Next I fried the mackerel with some rosemary (from the garden) and added the Rhubarb chunks to the side along with some capers.

I added some Kirsh (which is a cherry flavoured liquer) to the pan to create a sauce. I was supposed to use sherry vinegar but had none. The kirsh worked delightfully!.

I plated up the mackerel and poured over the sauce from the pan.

The final result was delicious.

I served the Mackerel with my favorite vegetable - an Artichoke which I cut in half, boiled for 15 minutes, then brushed with olive oil, garlic and lemon mix and put under a hot grill until crispy.

I'll dedicate a whole blog to Artichoke because I adore them.

Great News!

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  1. Usually I'm not a big fish lover, but this one sounds like it has great possibilities. Being the only person in the family who doesn't like fish... this just might win some smiles from the family!!