Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Secret

Some people aren't blessed with big gardens.  So here's an idea - just paint one on the side of your house to create the illusion that you have a big garden.  Like this house in Hackney.

Hackney Home

According to the relentless self-help book 'The Secret', you can visualize in to existence whatever you want in life(including a big garden). Just think about what you want...and you can have whatever it is.
More power is put in to the materialisation of your dreams if you make a 'vision board' (pictures of things you want stuck on a piece of cardboard).  I therefore like to think that whoever painted this picture is now no longer living in a house in Hackney (even though, considering the gentrification of the area, it's probably a £400,000 house in Hackney) and is instead  living in a country mansion with a huge garden where a little girl hands out flowers every day.

I doubt it though.

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  1. This house is AMAZING! Where is it? I love your cult-induced self-help x