Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Secret

Some people aren't blessed with big gardens.  So here's an idea - just paint one on the side of your house to create the illusion that you have a big garden.  Like this house in Hackney.

Hackney Home

According to the relentless self-help book 'The Secret', you can visualize in to existence whatever you want in life(including a big garden). Just think about what you want...and you can have whatever it is.
More power is put in to the materialisation of your dreams if you make a 'vision board' (pictures of things you want stuck on a piece of cardboard).  I therefore like to think that whoever painted this picture is now no longer living in a house in Hackney (even though, considering the gentrification of the area, it's probably a £400,000 house in Hackney) and is instead  living in a country mansion with a huge garden where a little girl hands out flowers every day.

I doubt it though.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Christmas Trees

Hello Happy Christmas.

It is time to throw away all the poor little Xmas tree's that were murdered a few weeks ago so that we could dress them up like trannies.  I've decided to pay homage to some of my favourites.

This one is pretty standard...  

 This one is slightly odder... 

 This one is fake...

This one is living and comes with a transvestite elf...
 And this one is completely bonkers... 
 Goodbye Xmas trees.