Monday, 20 December 2010


Unfortunately it is winter so everything in my garden is dead.  It has snowed loads in London and I daren't dig beneath the snow to see the horrors of what was once my Camomile Lawn...

Dead Garden 

So I'll just talk about the parties I've been to lately.

I went to the premiere of Burlesque with Paloma which stars Christina Aguilera AND Cher (a tranny's wet dream).  Paloma wore some giant LILIES on her head courtesy of Piers Atkinson.  I genuinely enjoyed the film (except the 2 hours say in a corset which took my waist to 22inches and squashed my liver in to my throat)

Cher looked completely fabulous, I have always loved her as she shares her birthday with me (same day not year).  I got my Cher 'Believe' single out of storage and found these two four leaf CLOVERS which I'd pressed in the CD sleeve.  I must be a very lucky tranny.

Cher - Believe

I was trying to find some sort of link between Cher and Gardening (other than pressed clovers in a Cher CD and the fact she's born on the same day as The Glamorous Gardener).  So I googled Cher and garden and came up with this lady and her website 'Jardin'

Cher the gardener

 Amazing. :)

As for Christina Aguilera - I was once called Xtina Draguilera  and lip-synched to Christina Aguilera constantly.

There's nothing of interest to link Xtina to gardens. I don't think she's the horticultural type.

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