Monday, 20 December 2010



I was in Torquay on Dec 1st - performing to raise money for World Aids Day 

Torquay was the birthplace of one of my favorite autors - Agatha Christie.   I love her.

I stayed in The Grand Hotel, which was the hotel Christie stayed in during her honeymoon.  The hotel also forms the start of her book 'Mile'. It's the perfect place for a murder mystery as it's so imposing and haunting. 

Torquay is a very special place for gardeners as being on the English Rivier - it's climate supports lots of sub-tropical plants.  Some of my favorite plants I spotted were these Agave

 Here's some nice lilies too...

 There is an area of torquay along the coastline dedicated to 'geological, historical and cultural heritage'.  It's beautiful and is covered in shells to naturally suppress weeds.
 It's also full of facts - including this one which explains that there's underwater gardens on the coastline of Torquay in which grow flowering plants. 
Underwater flowers, that's odd isn't it!? who knew?.

I'm in Love


  1. That was actually very interesting Russell,spesh the LA bit (your mum and i took you and Ric and Nicky)loads of haircuts ago, Dad

  2. Nice place. I would love to visit Torquay too. You must have a really great fun there. Hope I could spend Torquay holidays