Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Fred Butler

Fred Butler makes things.  Lots of things.   

I can't remember where I first met Fred but I remember liking her because every day she wore a different colour from head to toe.  Lately when I've seen her however she has been multi-coloured.  She is like a little rainbow. 
Russella with Fred Butler 

Here's an example of something Fred Butler made for an Exhibition I went to see.  They're FLORAL paper accessories. 
 FLORAL paper accesory
 Fred is so nifty with her fingers that she's made things for billions of celebrities including Bjork, Lady Gaga, Paloma Faith and ME.  Most impressive (to me) is that she created the infamous Lady Gaga 'Telephone' hat, which I think is a pretty iconic piece now and I hope will one-day will be exhibited in the VandA.

Lady Gaga Iconic Telephone Hat By Fred Butler

Here's Fred teaching me how to make a 'Pound Shop Sensation'...

I love Fred.

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  1. Great film, gave me the giggles. Thanks for the fashion tips!