Tuesday, 23 November 2010


As we know, bugs do not solely exist in the garden, the little critters are everywhere.

A while ago I was moaning about an infestation of Moths here - Glamorous Gardener: Moths - that were destroying my clothes.  Thankfully after getting rid of the carpet and all the fur coats in my dressing room I am finally moth free.

However, now please spare a thought for America who have an enormous infestation of Bedbugs.  OH MY GOD, these are so hideous.

A few years ago I visited a friend in Manhatten who told me about New York's infestation, but more recently it's all over the news because the little critters have made their way in to department stores causing them to close down.  My friend (being American and all) explained that this was happening because of tourists (and nothing to do with America - though, I haven't really heard of anywhere else other than the US being overrun with the critters).  This Guardian article explains more.

The most horrifying thing is that you can actually see bedbugs - I aways thought the were too tiny to see but apparently they're a little smaller than a penny.


Even more horrifying is that according to this EcoBugDoctor website, you shouldn't be sleeping with anybody if you think there's a possible chance you have bedbugs in your home.  No wonder it brought New York to a stand-still. 

I am thankful for my moths frankly.


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