Thursday, 21 October 2010

Royal Mail

A couple of years ago I bought a common jasmine plat to grow under my bedroom window as I love the smell of Jasmine - but the plant is growing like a weed and hardly ever flowers, so a couple of weeks ago I decided to replace it with a 'Trachelelospermum Jasminoides' which is much more glamorous with shiny leaves and the flowers last for ages and it's super fragrant.  I ordered form EBay and found a 'while you were out card' from the Post Office asking me to collect my package 48 hours later from the delivery office.  I went to do this only to find for the second time in 3 months that my package wasn't there.

So I called the 0845 post office number and was promised a call back, I didn't get one.  Finally I got through to the rudest girl I've ever had the displeasure of speaking with who was sarcastic, obnoxious and generally didn't care (I tried to complain about her too however the 'Team Leader' never called me back)

I can't really understand why so many people complain of their calls being re-directed to India when they phone a call centre - whenever I've spoken to an Indian call centre the person on the other end of the phone has been nothing but friendly and polite.  I speak to people in British call centres and I feel like I've just interrupted some university frat party - you find yourself apologising to the 'customer service advisor' because you're having to complain about the mistakes that the company they're representing are making.  Don't take it so personally.  I'm not getting paid to complain, you're getting paid to listen.

Infact - the 0845 number synonymous with so many corporations (especially when you want to complain) can usually be substituted for a normal landline number - check out this website Say no to 0870.

Anyway, after 6 days my package arrived and I collected it - testament to the power of nature versus human destruction the plant is alive and kicking.

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