Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Yesterday I hosted a book launch for a new book by Maripol. 'Little Red Riding Hood'

Maripol was Madonna's stylist in the 80's and so styled all the Iconic 'Like a Prayer' period ...
 Her book contains polaroids and sketches of all her work during this period (she also worked with Deborah Harry and Grace Jones and was friendly with Andy Warhol so the book's full of celebrities).  I had my book signed...

I was a walking food tray at the party - I wore wearable food art which people could eat from, like this -

One of the dishes that was being handed out was houmous with PANSY flowers on top...

It's nice eating flowers, they brighten up a meal.  There's several flowers that are edible and would brighten up a dish including Nasturtium flowers, Marigold (Signet) and Primrose.

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