Monday, 11 October 2010



Ha ha, I forgot how funny E17 looked.  Condom hats.

It's really alright - I haven't been regressing to the 90's.  I actually visited Postcode E17 - Walthamstow - because there was an APPLE festival on that my friend Rachael was volunteering at.

Apple Festival

My friend Rachael

Outside in the gardens there was a giant apple press and small children were pressing apples to make juice (I won't comment on child labour) so when I saw Rachael was serving apple pies and apple juice I was excited to have some fresh apple juice.  She gave me this...
Straight out of a Sainsbury's carton...
When I questioned Rachael about this she responded 'it's Organic' (!?)
If Rachael was actually called Gaga I'd say this to her...

Luckily I discovered that you could actually buy freshly pressed (child laboured) apple juice from outside for £1.20 so I did and also had some various apple pies and cakes.

Fresh Apple Juice and Apple Pies


I also bought a dwarf apple tree for my little garden, from a man that wouldn't stop talking but was very nice nonetheless.  I don't want my garden to be too shaded so the one I bought only grows to 6ft - I may train it across a wall though.
 It is almost Halloween so I'm going bobbing for apples!  I just Wikepedia-d where the idea of bobbing for apples came from - because I thought it sounded like an odd thing to do - it says this 'The current game is based on a New Year tradition, where whoever bites the apple first in the group will be the first to marry. The similar tradition of throwing rice at a wedding evolved from this, except apples were thrown originally'

People used to throw apples at weddings!? Is that true?


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