Friday, 29 October 2010

Yew Tree

Last night I went to a Halloween cupcake party (?)

Halloween Cupcake

I met up with Piers Atkinson who makes hats

Piers Atkinson who makes hats...

Here's a cake that looks just like Christina Aguilera....

Cake wot looks like Christina Aguilera

In this video....

Which Piers made many of the hats for.

Now Piers picked up this cupcake below and said it was inspired by a YEW tree.

Yew inspired cupcake

According to Piers Yew is extremely poisonous and it is the only tree witches can't make their brooms from which is why there are a lot of Yew trees in graveyards. According to the Kew Gardens website however, Yew trees were in the past used to ward off evil spirits.  Later, Yew branches were used to make bows (for the bow and arrow) from.  Also, Putting them in graveyards kept them out of the way of livestock which might eat the leaves and poison themselves.

I don't know what to believe. So here's a spooky Halloween video of myself and Piers


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hackney Gold-diggers

This is nice :)

Although, the hidden gold hoard was probably hidden drug money as oppose to antique coins, it's nice to imagine old folk with their metal-detectors finding the equivalent of Tutankhamun in East London.


Yesterday I hosted a book launch for a new book by Maripol. 'Little Red Riding Hood'

Maripol was Madonna's stylist in the 80's and so styled all the Iconic 'Like a Prayer' period ...
 Her book contains polaroids and sketches of all her work during this period (she also worked with Deborah Harry and Grace Jones and was friendly with Andy Warhol so the book's full of celebrities).  I had my book signed...

I was a walking food tray at the party - I wore wearable food art which people could eat from, like this -

One of the dishes that was being handed out was houmous with PANSY flowers on top...

It's nice eating flowers, they brighten up a meal.  There's several flowers that are edible and would brighten up a dish including Nasturtium flowers, Marigold (Signet) and Primrose.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Willow Smith

 When I was 8 my mum gave me a little plot in our garden so I could grow sweet peas.

Look what this girl got at 8 years old...a whole music video

Jay-Z ft. Willow Smith - Whip My Hair (Official Music Video)
Uploaded by ChaOko_01. - Explore more music videos.

My mum was mean

But then I guess she is the daughter of one of the most famous men on the planet Will Smith.  And her name is


(That's WILLOW smith)

Interesting fact - Asprin is derived from willow bark

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Royal Mail

A couple of years ago I bought a common jasmine plat to grow under my bedroom window as I love the smell of Jasmine - but the plant is growing like a weed and hardly ever flowers, so a couple of weeks ago I decided to replace it with a 'Trachelelospermum Jasminoides' which is much more glamorous with shiny leaves and the flowers last for ages and it's super fragrant.  I ordered form EBay and found a 'while you were out card' from the Post Office asking me to collect my package 48 hours later from the delivery office.  I went to do this only to find for the second time in 3 months that my package wasn't there.

So I called the 0845 post office number and was promised a call back, I didn't get one.  Finally I got through to the rudest girl I've ever had the displeasure of speaking with who was sarcastic, obnoxious and generally didn't care (I tried to complain about her too however the 'Team Leader' never called me back)

I can't really understand why so many people complain of their calls being re-directed to India when they phone a call centre - whenever I've spoken to an Indian call centre the person on the other end of the phone has been nothing but friendly and polite.  I speak to people in British call centres and I feel like I've just interrupted some university frat party - you find yourself apologising to the 'customer service advisor' because you're having to complain about the mistakes that the company they're representing are making.  Don't take it so personally.  I'm not getting paid to complain, you're getting paid to listen.

Infact - the 0845 number synonymous with so many corporations (especially when you want to complain) can usually be substituted for a normal landline number - check out this website Say no to 0870.

Anyway, after 6 days my package arrived and I collected it - testament to the power of nature versus human destruction the plant is alive and kicking.

Monday, 11 October 2010



Ha ha, I forgot how funny E17 looked.  Condom hats.

It's really alright - I haven't been regressing to the 90's.  I actually visited Postcode E17 - Walthamstow - because there was an APPLE festival on that my friend Rachael was volunteering at.

Apple Festival

My friend Rachael

Outside in the gardens there was a giant apple press and small children were pressing apples to make juice (I won't comment on child labour) so when I saw Rachael was serving apple pies and apple juice I was excited to have some fresh apple juice.  She gave me this...
Straight out of a Sainsbury's carton...
When I questioned Rachael about this she responded 'it's Organic' (!?)
If Rachael was actually called Gaga I'd say this to her...

Luckily I discovered that you could actually buy freshly pressed (child laboured) apple juice from outside for £1.20 so I did and also had some various apple pies and cakes.

Fresh Apple Juice and Apple Pies


I also bought a dwarf apple tree for my little garden, from a man that wouldn't stop talking but was very nice nonetheless.  I don't want my garden to be too shaded so the one I bought only grows to 6ft - I may train it across a wall though.
 It is almost Halloween so I'm going bobbing for apples!  I just Wikepedia-d where the idea of bobbing for apples came from - because I thought it sounded like an odd thing to do - it says this 'The current game is based on a New Year tradition, where whoever bites the apple first in the group will be the first to marry. The similar tradition of throwing rice at a wedding evolved from this, except apples were thrown originally'

People used to throw apples at weddings!? Is that true?