Thursday, 23 September 2010

Fashion Week

Fashion, Party, Dazzle, Cocktails, Canapes, Celebrities.

I didn't do much fashion during fashion week but the one show I did see was Fashion East which was in a giant GREENHOUSE and was actually the old train station for the Eurostar at Waterloo.

Lovely venue, perfect conditions for flowers to grow, and so they did in Simone Rocha's show here -
You can't see the flowers in the hair because I wasn't fashionable enough to get further to the front than 3rd row...

The previous evening I'd gone to a Giles Deacon afterparty at Bistrotheque.  The best thing about the party was the carpet which featured giant HIBISCUS flowers (and eyeballs...(?)).  Unfortunately I failed to take a photo but there's one on this lovely fashion blog

Agnyess Deyn attended but I wouldn't speak to her because I'm from Yorkshire and she's from Lancashire and about 500 years ago we had 'The War of the ROSES' which is all very complicated so you can just read about that on Wikipedia.  Now it's turned in to 'The War of the Supermodels'.

During London's Next Top Tranny this week I thought I'd go anti-fashion and wear a bin-bag to look as rubbish as possible, unfortunately I just can't help looking fabulous and managed to look like I'd stepped off a Gareth Pugh catwalk.

Russella in a bin bag

I also had a plus-size super-model Naomi Shimada teach the Trannies how to walk whilst eating a STRAWBERRY cupcake.

Naomi Shimada

From Glamorous Gardener

No VEGGIES for her!

One of the judges was Larry Tee - the co-writer of RuPaul's fabulous single 'Supermodel'!  I can't find any horticultural reason to have this here unfortunately. 

Lord knows, this blog is becoming less and less about gardening and more and more about drag queens.

So here's a picture of Marawa the amazing next to some amazing ARTICHOKE we found.  I love artichoke

From Glamorous Gardener

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