Sunday, 26 September 2010

Columbia Road

I thought I'd better bring this blog right back to gardening as I've been completely off the subject lately.  So I took a little trip to Columbia Road Flower Market which is in London's East End.

Columbia Road

This market is absolutely delightful, but personally it drives me a bit mad as there's so many people which makes it kind-of difficult to shop.  It starts getting set up really early (about 4am) so if you get there early or late (it closes about 2) you might have more chance of missing the crowds.

There's some great plants to see if you do make it down.  These are a couple of my favorites -

I love these plants as not only are they beautiful but you can buy a variety in shops and supermarkets which contain a little fruit beneath their leaves and it tastes yummy.

I decided to try out my Hipstomatic on my IPhone to photograph them, here's the result...
they're also called 'Chinese Lanterns'.  Pretty...

Dwarf Pineapples

I thought these had probably been dyed pink but I did a google search and it would appear that they are actually this colour.  Amazing...
I find it really funny that pineapples grow just above the ground like this...

you always think of pineapples dangling from trees or something...?

Here's another couple of pics form the market -

And here's some gorgeous black Tulip bulbs I found called 'The Queen of the Night'...

Queen of the Night

Bring on Whitney Housten

Queen of the Night - Whitney Housten

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