Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Look, I am being terrorised by children that keep kicking their football in to my garden then climbing in to get it and breaking things.

Broken Fence

Broken Pottery

Broken Wormery

 Broken Hearts (with a strawberry)

On a lighter note, I will be appearing on the Weakest Link on Friday the 13th BBC1 at 5:15pm.  Where Anne Robinson will grill me about my apparent lack of GARDENING knowledge and FASHION sense.

How Rude

Don't you just love her? There she is at the Chelsea Flower Show launching a garden for Alzheimers sufferers.

She's a MILF.


  1. My parents' neighbour had a problem with growing peas because they kept being picked and eaten by a naughty child [me] climbing over the fence! My knowledge of horticulture and gardening increased vividly once she had planted a few prickly shrubs of the Berberis family beneath the fence.

    Later I "earned" peas by weeding for her and graduated to learning from her how to grow my own.

    She became like a second mum to me and I cherish her memory. And her technique (getting me to grow seeds to appreciate plants) has worked on a few of my neighbouring pesks too!

  2. Oh that's so sweet!

    But I'll be sure to get me some of those Berberis!