Friday, 27 August 2010

London's Next Top Tranny

Sorry to hijack my gardening blog but I can't fit all the prizes for the new show I'm hosting on to anything except for this blog.  No gardening - but lots of glamour

To enter e-mail

Prizes so far -

The winner will be going on a one evening Illamasqua 'Night-Time Diva' make-up course with a friend at Illamasqua

Interviewed on the Joel Kafetz radio show -

A Broken Hearts DJ Headphones Telephone Headset - 

A signed Paloma Faith CD and accessory (

a hat by Piers Atkinson (

A Hoola Hoop designed by international Hoola Hooping star Marawa the Amazing -

an accessory by Fred Butler (

4 Tickets to Jodie Harsh's legendary club night CIRCUS Halloween spectacular - (

shoulder pieces by Dean Sidaway (

A signed Jonny Woo CD

2 tickets to club night Festival of Sins - Wrath ( 8th October

A Signed Bougeois and Maurice CD - (

An illustration of the winner by David Shenton

£50 voucher to spend at Beyond Retro (

A photoshoot with Saul (

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Finally the Jacuzzi has arrived...  (apologies for the rubbish blurred pictures)

I was instructed to put pink lights up the 'Rosa Chuckle' tree which grows over the Jacuzzi (as above).

Rosa Chuckle

Unfortunately I got scratched by the thorns on the bush and have had an allergic reaction.  I have now got hideous itchy hives all over my back.

On a lighter note I visited London Zoo this week and was given backstage access to the bugs emporium where there was a much more useful hive - a Beehive

Fabulous but not quite as fabulous as Dusty Springfield's

I also got to hold a Tarantula called Margaret - who was apparently named after Margaret Thatcher...see the resemblence?

Margaret Tarantula

Margaret Thatcher
I also discovered that not all Moths are evil clothes eating monsters like the ones in my closet - I met this Comet Moth which was quite beautiful and I'd be happy to have it hanging out in my house

Comet Moth

(I don't know what's up with the camera on my phone but these pictures are rubbish...).

A couple of weeks ago a giant rat came out of my toilet which scared the beetlejuice out of me.  I started to despise rats as well as moths but then again at the Zoo I met a friendly brown rat

Brown Rat

I love him.

I think this is why we have Zoo's.  So that we can educate our children and they'll learn that just because one rat is evil or one type of moth want's to ruin your dresses or that a particular Margaret is a a wicked hairy monster - you can not generalise.

Friday, 20 August 2010

The Weakest Link

Hello.  I'm very sorry I have been AWOL for so long.  I got completely sidetracked by my appearance on the Weakest Link...

Russella on The Weakest Link

which is appropriate to this gardening blog because I was completely wooden as a tree.

Wooden Tree
 But this is because some of the other drag queens kept voting me off despite the fact I hadn't got any questions wrong -so I was a little nervous.  I think they may have been the lemons on this lemon tree

Bitter Lemons on a Lemon Tree

However, despite their cruel voting tactics I still looked completely fabulous.

I promise to update you with the goings on of my garden very soon.


Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Look, I am being terrorised by children that keep kicking their football in to my garden then climbing in to get it and breaking things.

Broken Fence

Broken Pottery

Broken Wormery

 Broken Hearts (with a strawberry)

On a lighter note, I will be appearing on the Weakest Link on Friday the 13th BBC1 at 5:15pm.  Where Anne Robinson will grill me about my apparent lack of GARDENING knowledge and FASHION sense.

How Rude

Don't you just love her? There she is at the Chelsea Flower Show launching a garden for Alzheimers sufferers.

She's a MILF.