Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Last weekend I went to the Geffreye museum for a picnic with Xavior - who used to play keyboards for Placebo (that bits completely irrelevant but totally relevant at the same time). This is Xavior's new band - Paul St Paul and the Apostles singing Let's pretend we're gay

And look....

Why do I have to keep off perfectly lush green grass? You just know the staff are having huge secret picnics in the night-time when the museum is closed and keeping the grass all lovely and long for themselves. I am furious.

Now unfortunately my Internet has been cut off as I failed to pay my bill - so I can't add links. But if you google the Geffreye Museum then you will find it to be an absolute delight. There's a medicinal herb garden...

And also this giant Geranium Pyramid...

I've always wanted one of those (?).

The Geffreye has a lovely interiors exhibition inside also - which shows you typical interiors of homes from Victorian times to the present day.

You should visit. Just keep off the grass.

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  1. I checked out the Paul St Paul and the Apostles link and liked it! Fun stuff, let us know when they perform here in Hackney.