Sunday, 25 July 2010

Faye the stripper

Jonny Woo and I have been in training to perform at Lovebox festival which takes place in Hackney, East London every year. To get ready we popped over to Faye the ex-stripper's flat to do some Pole Dancing. Here's Faye showing us what to do -
And here's Jonny practising

Faye lives very high up in a Penthouse and so the plants on her roof-terrace had to be wind-resistant. Plants that are often found in coastal towns or high up hills are most appropriate for such a high terrace.  Therefore her planters are full of ornamental grasses like this one

There's also some fabulous Agapanthus which naturally grow on clifftops and so can also withstand a windy glamorous roof-terrace.  The Agapanthus are the tall ones in the planter which haven't come in to flower yet

Agapanthus flower

We're not quite sure what the pink flowers are, if you have an idea please let me know.

There's also this area which is sheltered from the wind. This has been planted with a beautiful Jasmine plant and it smells delightful
 I love the pink with leopard-print...
Gorgeous and glamorous

After our training Jonny Woo and I both appeared on the mainstage at Lovebox.  Here's me singing Too Fabulous.  I forgot the words, mumbled a bit and shouted Too Fabulous one too many times but I still looked...well - Too Fabulous

So much so Jonny and I also featured on - click here -

You'll see my favourite heels from make an appearance :)

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