Sunday, 25 July 2010

Faye the stripper

Jonny Woo and I have been in training to perform at Lovebox festival which takes place in Hackney, East London every year. To get ready we popped over to Faye the ex-stripper's flat to do some Pole Dancing. Here's Faye showing us what to do -
And here's Jonny practising

Faye lives very high up in a Penthouse and so the plants on her roof-terrace had to be wind-resistant. Plants that are often found in coastal towns or high up hills are most appropriate for such a high terrace.  Therefore her planters are full of ornamental grasses like this one

There's also some fabulous Agapanthus which naturally grow on clifftops and so can also withstand a windy glamorous roof-terrace.  The Agapanthus are the tall ones in the planter which haven't come in to flower yet

Agapanthus flower

We're not quite sure what the pink flowers are, if you have an idea please let me know.

There's also this area which is sheltered from the wind. This has been planted with a beautiful Jasmine plant and it smells delightful
 I love the pink with leopard-print...
Gorgeous and glamorous

After our training Jonny Woo and I both appeared on the mainstage at Lovebox.  Here's me singing Too Fabulous.  I forgot the words, mumbled a bit and shouted Too Fabulous one too many times but I still looked...well - Too Fabulous

So much so Jonny and I also featured on - click here -

You'll see my favourite heels from make an appearance :)

From Blogger Pictures

Snail salon

I've just knocked this outhouse down so that there's space for a Jacuzzi

Inside I discovered a snail's dressing room full of different shells.

I know that this is a dressing room because snails are actually Hermaphrodite's - they are basically trannies. And as trannies they need a lot of different outfits to wear.
Whichever snail lives here is not particularly fashion forward as it's shells are all very brown, but I think it might be an elderly snail so these will be vintage shells. This is good news.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Look at the sky...

Even my garden mannequin is depressed

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Last weekend I went to the Geffreye museum for a picnic with Xavior - who used to play keyboards for Placebo (that bits completely irrelevant but totally relevant at the same time). This is Xavior's new band - Paul St Paul and the Apostles singing Let's pretend we're gay

And look....

Why do I have to keep off perfectly lush green grass? You just know the staff are having huge secret picnics in the night-time when the museum is closed and keeping the grass all lovely and long for themselves. I am furious.

Now unfortunately my Internet has been cut off as I failed to pay my bill - so I can't add links. But if you google the Geffreye Museum then you will find it to be an absolute delight. There's a medicinal herb garden...

And also this giant Geranium Pyramid...

I've always wanted one of those (?).

The Geffreye has a lovely interiors exhibition inside also - which shows you typical interiors of homes from Victorian times to the present day.

You should visit. Just keep off the grass.

Monday, 5 July 2010


Look! How cute! Innocent smoothies are giving away little packets of bee friendly seeds!


Friday, 2 July 2010


Mmmmmmm....look what I got from my cherry tree! CHERRIES!! Who'd've known!?

(there's a few Strawberries there too just to pad out the picture)

The cherries from my garden are just like the cherries that my friend Piers Atkinson (celebrity Milliner to the stars) has used to create this headpiece.

Aren't they marvellous. The person modelling them by the way is performance artist Ryan Styles. I will be interviewing Ryan another time regarding his balcony. He can be a little green fingered from time to time, as can Piers.

Everybody loves to garden, even celebrity milliners and artistes. Isn't that lovely.

Here's Piers teaching me how to make a pom pom hat.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Boyz Magazine

I'm on the cover of gay weekly Boyz Magazine this week. The shoot was a recreation of the first pride march during the 70's and I was forced to wear a hideous floor length FLORAL dress. Amusingly this is what the tag on the dress read -

'put a spring in your step with this eye popping homage to British Horticulture'.

Eye popping is right, my eyes practically exploded when I saw it.



Japanese Knotweed

When my good friend Karen O was house hunting throughout North London, she was turned down mortgages on several houses just because a certain plant was growing in the garden. Japanese Knotweed was brought to the UK in the Victorian era and has since become the most invasive weed in the country. I viewed one house with Karen where we discovered Japanese Knotweed growing in the garden, it appeared that the house was subsiding as a result.

Knotweed can grow through walls and concrete and in really poor conditions. It can grow to 13ft and is virtually impossible for the average gardener to control. East London was so rampant with the weed that the 2012 Olympic site has - according to this website - been left with at least 70m weed eradication bill.

Japanese Knotweed

You've worryingly probably seen it at the side of railway tracks at some point.

I became completely obsessed with this weed last year - I thought it extraordinary that a plant could literally destroy buildings and be virtually impossible to remove. Disposing of the weed incorrectly even carries a 2 year prison sentence!

It would appear that in Japan, the spread of Knotweed is controlled by a few natural predators. Including a Psyllid - a little bug that feeds on sap from the knotweed ultimately killing it. There's a trial to be conducted in the hope that this bug will not kill other plants native to the UK at the same time - See here