Friday, 4 June 2010

Karen O

This is the another garden which I have been tackling

Half of it will be taken up by an 8 man jacuzzi and there may be a river running through it.

Just today I have started clearing it and here's how it's looking...

That looks like a fraudulent photo, but it's not. I am just an extremely efficient gardener.

It's quite beautiful in the dappled light that comes through an overhanging rose bush which is appropriately called 'rosa chuckles'.

Rosa Chuckles

Appropriate because said garden actually belongs to comedy hostess with the mostest Karen O of 'The Pink Poodle Club' fame.

I've also discovered that there's an Elderflower tree in the garden so that means ELDERFLOWER cordial. Delicious. I'll update with that seperately.

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