Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Spitalfields City Farm

I've just had the gardening hour of my life! :)
I've been down at Spitalfields City Farm again and found out more about plants in that hour than in the last 10 years of my existence.

I met a lovely man called Paul who unfortunately doesn't work at the farm much anymore, but also tends to the small medicinal plot next to Spitalfields Market.

Paul is a fountain of plant knowledge.

So I've discovered the weed I've been battling with on my Camomile lawn is called Cinquefoil.
From Glamorous Gardener
And even though I still don't want it on my lawn, it grows happilly amongst the lettuces on the farm
From Glamorous Gardener
so I'm going to leave it elsewhere in my garden (it has nice little yellow flowers too).

There's a really beautiful wildflower garden at the farm which Paul has planted
From Glamorous Gardener

Amongst the wildflowers are some FEVERFEW. I get fairly bad migraines sometimes and Paul advised that eating the leaves of Feverfew can help alleviate this!

Feverfew plant -
From Glamorous Gardener

I also noticed that the BROADBEANS on the farm had blackfly -
From Glamorous Gardener

as do mine in my garden - so I was advised to plant some 'sacrificial' plants alongside the Broadbeans. As you can guess sacrificial plants are plants which the blackfly will attack rather than attacking the Broadbean plant. I felt guilty about this so I had to listen to Elton John and I realised that it was not really a sacrifice...

Good sacrificial plants are apparently MARIGOLDS and NASTURTIUMS which also attract ladybirds, and they like to munch on blackfly. Also, blackfly don't like having diluted washing-up liquid sprayed on them, so that could work too.
I bought some nice African Marigolds (4 for £1!!!!)to put alongside my broadbeans (I'm not a fan of those common small marigolds, but then they are only there to be murdered anyway)
From Glamorous Gardener

Furthermore, I got loads of fresh GARLIC and LETTUCES for £2!!!!
From Glamorous Gardener

From Glamorous Gardener


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