Sunday, 13 June 2010

Dry stone walling

It's so satisfying to finish tidying. I've just finished clearing Karen O's garden....

It's lookin hawt!

It had an excess of compost, bricks and terracotta pots (I think the previous owner of the house was a bit of a hoarder), so I created some dry stone walls (popular in Yorkshire - where I'm from), filled them with compost and created this sort of terracotta rockery...

Do you love it? I'll pop some plants in the pots later.

Here's some more of the wall -

I've put soil in the cracks so I can put some kind of rockery plants in them.

And here's where the jacuzzi is going to be situated once Ive knocked down this outhouse (which is actually charming - so it's a shame to knock it down but a JACUZZI is far more important)

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