Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hackney Council

Last year I heard a ra-ta-ta-tapping on my front door. It was a Hackney Council somebody who's job it was to inform me that my Passionflower plant was growing over my fence and could I please trim it down thank-you very much.
I went round the back of my garden and sure enough the plant was cascading over the fence which was a bit annoying as hardly any of the plant was in my actual garden where I'd planted it, and there were an abundance of flowers that I never knew existed.

I wasn't sure why they wanted it chopped down as it looked quite nice so I figured it must be some health and safety ruling (or something). So I dutifully hacked at the climber until it was no more. A month or so later I realised that they'd planted Rosemary, Lavendar and some other plants in the plot where my climber once climbed. 'Ah, now it makes sense' - I thought.


Here's the Rosemary -
From Glamorous Gardener

An unidentifyable plant -
From Glamorous Gardener

My god I feel like I'm in a gardening episode of crime scene investigation...(it is Hackney I suppose)

The plot thickens. Or not.

From Glamorous Gardener

Much better than these rabid little monsters everywhere

From Glamorous Gardener

£75 a month service charge and I have to contend with this!. I've a good mind to complain. Or just moan on my blog about it and then probably never mention it to anyone that can actually do anything about it because I'm too busy doing my blog.

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  1. Peeved neighbour21 June 2010 at 08:21

    Please, please, please complain online or by email:

    Of course, at Stage 1, your complaint will probably be ignored. But if you escalate it to Stage 2, you might actually get a decent response.