Monday, 28 June 2010


This week I went to the biggest garden party ever...Glastonbury.

I travelled on Paloma's tour bus which was bigger than my entire flat - but it didn't have a garden, or even a pot plant on board.

There were lots of gardens in Glastonbury but I think my favourite was this one because it has a roof garden (sort-of) and I've always wanted a roof garden.

Paloma performed her song 'New York' in a garden of giant wooden mushrooms (if I find the performance I'll post it up here).
This mushroom is called the Russula (that's a bit like Russella!?) -

She also performed on the main stage but for no apparent reason the BBC decided not to film it (?) so here she is via someone in the audiences hand-held...

Russella and Paloma in a big garden :)

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