Tuesday, 8 June 2010


It's ELDERFLOWER season! Now incase you don't know what Elderflowers look like - they look like this
From Glamorous Gardener

They grown on trees (they look sort of similar to Cow Parsley - which doesn't grow on trees but often inhabits the same space - don't get the two confused).

Elderflowers mean ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL, which is delicious in Champagne (or cheap Cava, or even fizzy water, but mostly in Champagne). I tried working out the correct ingrdients online but it seems no-one agrees on how much of anything you need so I've done an average and come up with this recipe.

25 Elderflower Heads
2 Lemons (unwaxed)
50g Citric Acid - you can get this from some chemists but not all chemists
1 Litre Water
1.2kg Granulated or Caster sugar

1.Put Elderflowers in a big bowl (shake off the bugs first)
From Glamorous Gardener

2.Put Sugar and water in pan and boil

3.Pare the zest of the lemon, put in bowl with Elderflowers. Cut the remaining lemon in to slices and put in bowl

4.Pour the boiling sugar water in to bowl containing the other ingredients.

5.Stir in Citric acid

6.Cover with a Princess Diana teatowel for 24 hours.
From Glamorous Gardener

7.strain through muslin

8.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious Elderflower Cordial!

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