Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Broken Hearts

Yesterday the Broken Hearts came over for scones.

The Broken Hearts

I sent the black haired one searching for Strawberries in my garden and look what she came back with...

Isn't that lovely!? We swiftly split them in half and devoured them like any good heartbreaker would.

Luckily my Strawberries have been completely untouched by the snails in my garden because I only have glamorous snails. They are so completely self-obsessed and narcissistic that they are too busy to eat as they spend all day looking at themselves in my mirrorball.

My Mirror Ball

Snails like beer. Cut a small milkbottle in half, put some beer in it and place it in the ground. They'll get so drunk they will leave your lettuces alone too.

Good Snails are Party Snails.

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