Monday, 28 June 2010


This week I went to the biggest garden party ever...Glastonbury.

I travelled on Paloma's tour bus which was bigger than my entire flat - but it didn't have a garden, or even a pot plant on board.

There were lots of gardens in Glastonbury but I think my favourite was this one because it has a roof garden (sort-of) and I've always wanted a roof garden.

Paloma performed her song 'New York' in a garden of giant wooden mushrooms (if I find the performance I'll post it up here).
This mushroom is called the Russula (that's a bit like Russella!?) -

She also performed on the main stage but for no apparent reason the BBC decided not to film it (?) so here she is via someone in the audiences hand-held...

Russella and Paloma in a big garden :)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Broken Hearts

Yesterday the Broken Hearts came over for scones.

The Broken Hearts

I sent the black haired one searching for Strawberries in my garden and look what she came back with...

Isn't that lovely!? We swiftly split them in half and devoured them like any good heartbreaker would.

Luckily my Strawberries have been completely untouched by the snails in my garden because I only have glamorous snails. They are so completely self-obsessed and narcissistic that they are too busy to eat as they spend all day looking at themselves in my mirrorball.

My Mirror Ball

Snails like beer. Cut a small milkbottle in half, put some beer in it and place it in the ground. They'll get so drunk they will leave your lettuces alone too.

Good Snails are Party Snails.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Russella Show

The Russella Show

This has nothing to do with gardening but everything to do with glamour...

It's my new show :)

7th and 8th July

Visit Bistrotheque's website here to book tickets

Having said that - The show is sponsored by Beyond Retro which is a clothing store and has clothes made out of cotton which come from the cotton plant...?

Cotton -

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hackney Council

Last year I heard a ra-ta-ta-tapping on my front door. It was a Hackney Council somebody who's job it was to inform me that my Passionflower plant was growing over my fence and could I please trim it down thank-you very much.
I went round the back of my garden and sure enough the plant was cascading over the fence which was a bit annoying as hardly any of the plant was in my actual garden where I'd planted it, and there were an abundance of flowers that I never knew existed.

I wasn't sure why they wanted it chopped down as it looked quite nice so I figured it must be some health and safety ruling (or something). So I dutifully hacked at the climber until it was no more. A month or so later I realised that they'd planted Rosemary, Lavendar and some other plants in the plot where my climber once climbed. 'Ah, now it makes sense' - I thought.


Here's the Rosemary -
From Glamorous Gardener

An unidentifyable plant -
From Glamorous Gardener

My god I feel like I'm in a gardening episode of crime scene investigation...(it is Hackney I suppose)

The plot thickens. Or not.

From Glamorous Gardener

Much better than these rabid little monsters everywhere

From Glamorous Gardener

£75 a month service charge and I have to contend with this!. I've a good mind to complain. Or just moan on my blog about it and then probably never mention it to anyone that can actually do anything about it because I'm too busy doing my blog.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Spitalfields City Farm

I've just had the gardening hour of my life! :)
I've been down at Spitalfields City Farm again and found out more about plants in that hour than in the last 10 years of my existence.

I met a lovely man called Paul who unfortunately doesn't work at the farm much anymore, but also tends to the small medicinal plot next to Spitalfields Market.

Paul is a fountain of plant knowledge.

So I've discovered the weed I've been battling with on my Camomile lawn is called Cinquefoil.
From Glamorous Gardener
And even though I still don't want it on my lawn, it grows happilly amongst the lettuces on the farm
From Glamorous Gardener
so I'm going to leave it elsewhere in my garden (it has nice little yellow flowers too).

There's a really beautiful wildflower garden at the farm which Paul has planted
From Glamorous Gardener

Amongst the wildflowers are some FEVERFEW. I get fairly bad migraines sometimes and Paul advised that eating the leaves of Feverfew can help alleviate this!

Feverfew plant -
From Glamorous Gardener

I also noticed that the BROADBEANS on the farm had blackfly -
From Glamorous Gardener

as do mine in my garden - so I was advised to plant some 'sacrificial' plants alongside the Broadbeans. As you can guess sacrificial plants are plants which the blackfly will attack rather than attacking the Broadbean plant. I felt guilty about this so I had to listen to Elton John and I realised that it was not really a sacrifice...

Good sacrificial plants are apparently MARIGOLDS and NASTURTIUMS which also attract ladybirds, and they like to munch on blackfly. Also, blackfly don't like having diluted washing-up liquid sprayed on them, so that could work too.
I bought some nice African Marigolds (4 for £1!!!!)to put alongside my broadbeans (I'm not a fan of those common small marigolds, but then they are only there to be murdered anyway)
From Glamorous Gardener

Furthermore, I got loads of fresh GARLIC and LETTUCES for £2!!!!
From Glamorous Gardener

From Glamorous Gardener


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Dry stone walling

It's so satisfying to finish tidying. I've just finished clearing Karen O's garden....

It's lookin hawt!

It had an excess of compost, bricks and terracotta pots (I think the previous owner of the house was a bit of a hoarder), so I created some dry stone walls (popular in Yorkshire - where I'm from), filled them with compost and created this sort of terracotta rockery...

Do you love it? I'll pop some plants in the pots later.

Here's some more of the wall -

I've put soil in the cracks so I can put some kind of rockery plants in them.

And here's where the jacuzzi is going to be situated once Ive knocked down this outhouse (which is actually charming - so it's a shame to knock it down but a JACUZZI is far more important)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Great Drag Race

I've just performed my pancake show for some fella's taking part in 'The Great Drag Race' which aims to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer.

My pancake show

Please click here to find out more about the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation

There's been research in to this lovely lily, the - Belamcanda chinensis as there's potential that extracts from it can help fight the Prostate Cancer cells.
From Glamorous Gardener

What a pretty Lily...!

You'll have to google to find out more :)


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Spinach and rocket

Well that's sod's law innit. My lovely Spinach and Rocket is ready to eat and I don't feel very well.

Oh well. I'll give it away. It looks so delicious :(


Tuesday, 8 June 2010


It's ELDERFLOWER season! Now incase you don't know what Elderflowers look like - they look like this
From Glamorous Gardener

They grown on trees (they look sort of similar to Cow Parsley - which doesn't grow on trees but often inhabits the same space - don't get the two confused).

Elderflowers mean ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL, which is delicious in Champagne (or cheap Cava, or even fizzy water, but mostly in Champagne). I tried working out the correct ingrdients online but it seems no-one agrees on how much of anything you need so I've done an average and come up with this recipe.

25 Elderflower Heads
2 Lemons (unwaxed)
50g Citric Acid - you can get this from some chemists but not all chemists
1 Litre Water
1.2kg Granulated or Caster sugar

1.Put Elderflowers in a big bowl (shake off the bugs first)
From Glamorous Gardener

2.Put Sugar and water in pan and boil

3.Pare the zest of the lemon, put in bowl with Elderflowers. Cut the remaining lemon in to slices and put in bowl

4.Pour the boiling sugar water in to bowl containing the other ingredients.

5.Stir in Citric acid

6.Cover with a Princess Diana teatowel for 24 hours.
From Glamorous Gardener

7.strain through muslin

8.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious Elderflower Cordial!

Monday, 7 June 2010

The Rose

When I first moved in to my flat, the only plant in the garden was this rose bush...
From Glamorous Gardener

Once I saved the man next doors' life and all the old ladies on the block became my friend. One of them told me never to chop down the rose bush because she could see it out of her window. But I wouldn't have chopped it down because it's lovely.
From Glamorous Gardener

The song 'The Rose' by Bette Midler is also lovely. I love her.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Karen O

This is the another garden which I have been tackling

Half of it will be taken up by an 8 man jacuzzi and there may be a river running through it.

Just today I have started clearing it and here's how it's looking...

That looks like a fraudulent photo, but it's not. I am just an extremely efficient gardener.

It's quite beautiful in the dappled light that comes through an overhanging rose bush which is appropriately called 'rosa chuckles'.

Rosa Chuckles

Appropriate because said garden actually belongs to comedy hostess with the mostest Karen O of 'The Pink Poodle Club' fame.

I've also discovered that there's an Elderflower tree in the garden so that means ELDERFLOWER cordial. Delicious. I'll update with that seperately.