Sunday, 30 May 2010


FOXGLOVES always remind me of Agatha Christie novels. Their tubular flowers hanging like death bells tolling. Foxgloves are deathly poisonous and Christie has often used them in her county manor killings as a way to poison guests of her parties (her knowledge of poisons and plants coming from the fact she was once a pharmacist)

Despite this I have some lovely one's in my garden which have just come in to flower.
From Glamorous Gardener

From Glamorous Gardener

They've sprung up near a dismebered arm of a mannequin that I hung for decoration, as if warning to passers by of the perils of the plant.

From Glamorous Gardener

I've discovered a place in Torquay which has an area of it's garden's dedicated plants that Agatha Christie used in her novels. Torre Abbey looks great, I'd recommend a visit. :)

FYI my favorite Agatha Christie book is 'And Then There Were None', which I just discovered is her best selling novel. TOO FABULOUS

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