Thursday, 25 March 2010


So I flew to Glasgow this week (to film the Weakest Link). At the airport I thought I'd buy myself a copy of Gardeners World for some light reading whilst I waited, and plus it was giving away some free Tomato seeds. As I was perusing the pages I came across this lovely flower below and thought, 'I'd like that for my garden!'.

From Blogger Pictures

That is until I discovered it was called a 'Stinking Benjamin Erectus'. Frankly I was getting quite fed up with the pornographic innuendo in plant names (what, with having just last week discovered the Cockburnianus plant) and then, as if to rub foxgloves in to the wound, I came across this on page 68....!

From Blogger Pictures

The TIGER WOODS Lily!!!!!!!!!!.

I have got a good mind to write to Alan Titchmarsh myself and express my disgust at the horticultural world

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