Tuesday, 30 March 2010


This is my new favourite place!
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Spitalfields City Farm.

My friend Beverley Whispers the White Witch is a volunteer here. Here she is picking some nettles for me to make tea with.
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Nettle tea is great for the skin, intestines and coughs!!!!!!! mmmm...

Also on the farm grows CHARD. If Ma Butcher hadn't murdered mine this is what it should have looked like...
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The Bangladeshi ladies that work here were nice enough to give me this whole load of free veg...
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It would only have been £1 if I'd have bought it though. There's Chard, Mustard, Garlic, Kale, White Radish and more! GREAT NEWS!

I also got some FREE POO!!!!!!
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My roses will love it. They said I can have as much free poo as I like!

Go visit it on Buxton Street (not far from Brick Lane)

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