Thursday, 25 February 2010


You might not be able to see this...but in this photo lies a DEAD MOTH, one of many which have been ravishing my beautiful gowns.
From Blogger Pictures

These little buggers are infuriating me. Last spring I used a moth-box, which attracts the male moths in to a little box using female moth pheromone. So they think they're in for a good time and then their willy sticks to a sticky pad within the box and they die a 'natural non-toxic death' according to the description (it doesn't sound particularly 'natural' to have your reproductive organs torn from your body, but then google the Black Widow spider - nature is crazy).
Anyway, I clearly have not torn enough appendages from them, I even planted lavender near my garden door hoping it might deter them coming in (they don't like Lavender apparently, which suits me because I love it).
I am going to get more moth-boxes as the alternative seems to be those hideous smelling moth balls, and I think they just repel them, not kill them....I want to tear their balls off for damaging my fur coats.

On a lighter note look....some of my Swiss Chard has sprouted! finally.

From Blogger Pictures

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