Sunday, 28 February 2010

Fabulous Fondue

I have just held a FABULOUS FONDUE party with my personal illustrator and President of Hackney Allotments (I'm not sure that's strictly true but he's definitely something to do with the allotments in Hackney) David Shenton. I am very merry as I have just finished this bottle of Sloe Gin which was home made by my personal illustrator and President of Hackney allotments David Shenton, using Sloe's from a Hackney allotment.
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To make Sloe Gin basically you drink half a bottle of Gin, stick some sugar and the Sloe's in and put it in a dark cupboard for 2 months. But remember to shake it, shake shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture -

(Sloe's are the fruit which come from the Blackthorn Bush, they are a relative of the Plum!)

Thursday, 25 February 2010


You might not be able to see this...but in this photo lies a DEAD MOTH, one of many which have been ravishing my beautiful gowns.
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These little buggers are infuriating me. Last spring I used a moth-box, which attracts the male moths in to a little box using female moth pheromone. So they think they're in for a good time and then their willy sticks to a sticky pad within the box and they die a 'natural non-toxic death' according to the description (it doesn't sound particularly 'natural' to have your reproductive organs torn from your body, but then google the Black Widow spider - nature is crazy).
Anyway, I clearly have not torn enough appendages from them, I even planted lavender near my garden door hoping it might deter them coming in (they don't like Lavender apparently, which suits me because I love it).
I am going to get more moth-boxes as the alternative seems to be those hideous smelling moth balls, and I think they just repel them, not kill them....I want to tear their balls off for damaging my fur coats.

On a lighter note look....some of my Swiss Chard has sprouted! finally.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Little Seedlings

It is day 4 since I planted my lovely little vegetable seedlings - here is my Beetroot

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and my Spinach...happy little seedlings

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Now let's see my Swiss Chard (which is a little like spinach crossed with Beetroot)....

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NOTHING!! I am NOT HAPPY. I treated them in exactly the same way as the other seeds, so I think they're shooting blanks. I'll replace them with Radishes!

Monday, 22 February 2010

The Elle Style Awards

So I was hoping that there might be some flowers on our table at the Elle Style Awards so that I could make a tenuous link to gardening and drop a few names but there weren't any (just paper peacocks?...and Jared Leto, ahem!). There was only one floral dress too, and I can't remember who was wearing it. I did get some facial serum in my goody bag from Neals Yard containing BLUEBERRY though! (tenuous enough?). Also I wore some beautiful RASPBERRY coloured heels from

It was all very fruity!

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RASPBERRY coloured heels

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Facial Serum containing BLUEBERRY

Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Camomile Lawn

I always wanted a grassed area in my garden as there was too much paving and it's nice to frolic in the grass, but as I only have a little garden - something low maintence (ie, not requiring a lawnmower) is best. I have therfore opted for a camomile lawn. A camomile lawn won't require trimming (it grows a little like moss) and it will also be in keeping with my 'Garden of the Senses' theme as it will smell delightful!

I found a great company online that post little camomile plants in big batches for a very reasonable price. See Morehaven Camomile Lawns

Incidently 'The Camomile Lawn' is also a film starring none other than Felicity Kendal of 'The Good Life' fame (I wonder if she got the job due to her previous experience in a gardening role). Though i don't think it's actually about a camomile lawn, it's about war. War movie's generally bore me senseless so I shant be watching it. If only it were about a camomile lawn. I don't know what war has to do with camomile lawns anyway, unless it's referring to this WEED which is posing as an innocent strawberry plant but is in fact a wicked weed getting in the way of my lovely lawn (I'm not sure what weed it is, answers on a postcard please)

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Crazy Paving

Here's my paving all painted and primed. I think I love it.
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I'm not loving this weather though. Too many puddles. Bring on Spring.

Dangerous Addiction

I have become dangerously addicted to an IPhone application called Alice Greenfingers.
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Alice has to grow fruit and veg to sell at market and raise chickens for their eggs.
You must avoid this game at all costs. It is too mind numbingly fun.

I've also had a little play on 'Plants Vs Zombies'. Zombies threaten to ruin your house so you have to plant plants in your garden that will eat the zombies before they get to your house.
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This is another game that you must stay away from if you ever want to have the time to grow real plants again.


How Exciting! I woke up this morning to find seedlings!

I bought these mini Suttons propagators. They cost £1.99 and make it really easy to transplant seedlings as they each have their own little pod to grow in, like in Avatar.
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LOOK THEY'RE GROWING!!!!!! I love a little seedling. This one is Beetroot (That I got free from the Garden Museum in London).
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I'm really starting to feel like Felicity Kendal from The Good Life

Saturday, 20 February 2010


This is Charles who did a photo-shoot in my garden last spring for Butt magazine. Butt is an ART magazine because it is printed on pink paper. ART NOT PORN. I have protected Charles' modesty with a lovely little clover.

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My Nasturtiums were really coming along....

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Gardening Museum

Recently I went to the Museum of Garden History with my friend Dean Sidaway (who designed these glass shoulder pads on Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas).

Skip to 1.45mins

They had an exhibition on 'The Good Life' a history of Allotments. It was TOOOO FABULOUS!! We even got some free vegetable seeds, Celery and Beetroot. Delightful

Margot is Toooooooooo Fabulous!!!!

Not great news.

This is NOT great news. My beautiful checker-board paving slab design is RUINED. I am FURIOUS.
It has gone all patchy.
I don't think masonry paint is best for this, so I shall use it as an undercoat and try a gloss paint instead. I should probably have scrubbed them clean before starting to paint BUT I WAS TOOOOOOO EXCITED

Below - Patchy paving slabs!
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I am too furious to concern myself with this any longer, I'm going to pick up some heels from Terrence De Havilland to wear to the Elle Style Awards instead. (Thankyou to the Broken Hearts)

Friday, 19 February 2010

Marawa The Amazing

This is Marawa The Amazing in my Garden. She does fabulous things with Hoola Hoops - which were traditionally made from plants including GRAPEVINES and WILLOW.

Masonic Temple's!

This is great news! I've dug up most of those hideous paving slabs but left a small amount so I have a seating area. I have bought some Masonry paint from Homebase (Love Homebase!) in Black and White and I am painting the remaining slabs in a checker-board effect.
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Checker-board floors were common in Masonic Temples and are said to represent the 'diversity of creation'. Appropriate for a garden methinks!.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Princess Diana

I have a small garden of 5.6 x 4.7m. I have been advised by my good friend and personal illustrator David Shenton ( that the best thing to do in a small garden is to keep floral colours minimal. I have therefore chosen 2 colours to introduce in to my garden planting. White and Purple.
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Illustration of Russella by David Shenton

White is associated with peace and purity and also monarchy. Purple has similar associations with nobility and spirituality. I hope these colours together will be bold yet peaceful.

I already have a small cherry tree with white blossom and a purple passionflower climber which growns delicious edible passionfruit - I will post pictures of these once they are in full bloom.

Despite my colour limitations I have decided to leave one particular pink clematis (a climbing, flowering vine) called the 'Princess Diana' which I have already planted. This climbs the cherry tree, and whilst it will stick out like a sore thumb amongst the purple and white I think that this will be appropriate as Diana's fashion's also stuck out like a sore thumb. It is also in keeping with the noble purple, though I've no doubt the pink bells of the clematis will clash with the purple, in much the same way Diana did with the Monarchy.

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Princess Diana in 'Noble' Purple

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The 'Princess Diana' variety of Clematis

A Garden of the senses

I was bought this book for Christmas by Paloma Faith. It is called 'Creating a Garden of the Senses' by Jenny Hendy, and it has inspired me to attempt to create a visually exciting garden that includes fragrant flowers and edible fruit and veg.

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The Beginning - from Haute Couture to Horse Manure

This is my garden last March (2009)...

As Elton John would sing, it is a sad, sad situation....

I dream of it one day becoming a restful retreat in the heart of London Town. In the words of celebrity performance artist Ryan Styles I am 'swapping haute couture for horse manure and binning [my] drag in favour of grow bags'

From Glamorous Gardener

Ryan Styles - performance artist

We are now moving in to February 2010, and it is time to kick off my heels, dig out those hideous paving slabs and get diiiiirty